Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m a man of wealth and taste.

Posted on November 15, 2013 by Adriana Tosun | 0 Comments

Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m a man of wealth and taste.

Okay, Rolling Stones aside, I’m actually not a man, I have no wealth, and my taste is dubious, but I can certainly introduce myself! My name is Adriana, I’m 22 years old, I’m American, and for some reason I can’t quite identify, I’m moving to France for the second time.

I’m a bit nervous about it. Well, to be honest — a lot nervous. Last time, my bravado carried me through the first two weeks, at which point I promptly had a total breakdown and called my mom every five seconds. This time, even though I already talk the talk and (sorta) walk the walk, I’m much more anxious about the whole thing! Hopefully, this is a sign of growth, and not a sign that I will just have a breakdown as soon as I land in the CDG airport.

In 2011, I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed undergraduate who was paying for her study abroad through a combination of lifelong frugality and teaching at a high school in a Parisian suburb. But now I’ve graduated with a degree in English literature and French linguistics — which is to say I’m occasionally bitter and have few obvious career prospects — so I decided I might as well be broke and confused in France rather than in my parents’ house in New Jersey. Luckily, the French ministry of education decided to hire me back. I’m now going to be living and teaching in the “quasi-rural” town of Limours, which is still in the Île-de-France region but is too far away to count as the banlieue.

I really am not quite sure what I’m going to be doing with this blog yet; mostly, I’m trying to become more disciplined as a writer, and to learn how to write entertaining nonfiction. My not-exactly-secret life goal is to become a novelist, but, like, LOL, that’s not exactly a sure thing, so I’m trying to get practice in the meantime! I’m also trying to learn how to document my life because I never ever ever take pictures and I always regret it later. AND I’m going to try to do some lifestyle blogging in support of my mom’s nascent company, Parlez-Vous Provence (Speak French in Every Color, is that not the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard in your life?).

See you on the flip side!