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When love walks in the room, everybody stand up
Chrissie Hynde

The holiday season is fast upon us. The older (and I hope wiser) I get, the more I turn away from the emphasis on material items, bargains, the incessant commercials and their too loud exhortations to buy electronics, perfume, cars and cinnamon scented air fresheners.

This year however is my first as an entrepreneur. The holiday season can ensure the survival of a small business, or its demise. The irony is not lost on me that as my mental and emotional dislike of the merchanting of Christmas grows, so does my financial dependence.

Isn’t that life? Every twist has a turn, every turn has a bump, and the universe can’t help but snort with laughter as the lessons we think we’ve learned come back to haunt – or rather, teach – us in a whole new way. Yes, it’s good to be more spiritual at Christmas. Yes, it’s good for thousands of small businesses to have a healthy trade during the holiday season.

So I’ve been thinking about these inconsistencies, and wondering how we align them. And when I write “we,” I mean my own little family. There’s too much judging going on in the world without adding more to this simple blog. But if this post makes you a little more thoughtful, that’s a good thing.

First, giving has always been an important part of the Christmas tradition. It’s baked right into the Bible, as the three wise men brought their offerings to honor the Child. So, giving will continue and rightly so.

But what can we give, and how? How do we honor the season and the gift recipient? I’ve come to think that a gift which helps the recipient become who he or she wants to be honors the best in that person, the potential in that person, and is truly given in the spirit of love. All of which are entirely consistent with the story and message of the Christmas miracle.

So whether you buy something from Parlez-Vous Provence, Etsy, your local arts and crafts festival, or fashion something from your own hands, let your giving reflect the best that is in you and in your loved one.

My husband was the first person to ever give me a professional water color set, because he knew I longed to be able to paint something beautiful. It didn’t matter to him that I was not assigned the “artistic” role in my family of siblings. It didn’t matter to me that it was not an extravagant present, or wasn’t jewelry or something to wear. The fact that he took my wish seriously – indeed, that he even divined it – meant everything.

So keep that in mind as you think about presents for your loved ones. My closing irony? My husband is impossible to buy for!

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