Bonjour Printemps

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Hello, lovely lovely spring. We are ready for you.

Even though it is still threatening to snow here in the New York City area, and we had single digit readings this morning, it is undeniably spring. The warm weather has come to Paris and the Ile de France. Here, the pollen count is up, although we can barely fathom that, with the cold and tremendous winds we’ve had – the trees are braver than we. And finally, we have seen the first sprouting of the daffodil bulbs in the garden, although it appears the winter has done in our little hellebore transplants so lovingly dug in last year. We’ll try again.

Here at Parlez-Vous Provence, our alter ego, we are getting ready for the spring too. Like a squirrel catching up its hidden acorns, we’ve been getting out the notes made during the long winter afternoons, on newsletter and blog ideas, recipes to try (Soca, that Provençal street snack, was especially delicious), and products to order. Because the chief executives of PVProvence are very fond of little girls, having raised one to be a strong, beautiful young woman, we couldn’t resist adding classic Provence sundresses to our range of products. Look for them in about a month – they are being sewn now in the Midi. I would have loved to have dressed our daughter in such classic European fashion, but it couldn’t be found easily twenty years ago, so I made a few simple little dresses. Add a hair bow and clean little flowered sneakers or sandals, and she was set to go. As cute as those homemade dresses were, our new French dresses are made of traditional Provence cottons, and styled as only the French can do. We think you’ll love these little dresses, for your own children, grandchildren, or other special little ones in your life.
And because spring is the universal time of renewal, we’ve ordered more organic cotton kimonos in gorgeous patterns. Aren’t we all tired of flannel and quilted robes, or sweats? What woman doesn’t want to feel newly glamorous and chic? Sometimes just slipping on a sensuous robe, of softest cotton, can regenerate every femininity gene quite delightfully. I know I need a little pampering, and that new kimono will be accompanied by a pedicure and bright pink toe nail polish.
A customer yesterday ordered three of our scarves, in anticipation of spring birthdays soon to come. Another snapped up our vintage French copper planter, which will surely be graced with herbs or tumbling flowers. So we know the rumbles of spring awakenings are out there, soon to become a roar.
Are you coaxing spring along in your own house? Perhaps you are getting ready for Passover or Easter, refreshing your vintage linens (one of my friends did that this past weekend) or planting some brave and hardy pansies around your house. My geraniums, having spent the winter in a sunny window, are stretching their leaves out toward the sun. We’ll put them out with a little night cover after our last frost date. However you are celebrating the arrival of spring, we cheer you on in your endeavors. Read some more about French springtime customs here, and a favorite Madeleines recipe guaranteed to bake with the classic “hump” that distinguishes the real thing from pale impostors.

À la prochaine,

Louise at Parlez-Vous Provence

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