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Color is an almost magical way to transform your mood and your surroundings and, therefore, in  a not so small way, your life.  The French are not afraid of color and will use it in unexpected ways.  For example, a small room may be painted red, despite the conventional wisdom.  Ceilings may glow with paint or paper to match or coordinate with walls.  Pink motorbikes scoot around Paris and every green market is not only an eventual feast for your  appetite, but an immediate feast for your eyes.  

If bright  or intense colors may be intimidating, why not experiment with some inexpensive lawn furniture or your front door?  I am in love with bright, true marine blue.  This is a color often seen in France, particularly on shutters.  As I have no shutters,  I decided to add this "pop" to my front door and some lawn furniture we use in the back yard occasionally. 

I had a calendar showing doorways of Europe, and one in particular enchanted me.   I marched over to my village paint store, where the staff expertly duplicated the hue I wanted in good old Benjamin Moore paint.  I don't know who Benjamin Moore was, but I think I would have liked him! Anyway, I took my paint home, got out the brush, and proceeded to cover a gray metallic table and chairs I got at Costco with brilliant blue.  The furniture isn't large; it took a few minutes. But look at the result!

Isn't she pretty? This little table and chairs sits in the back yard, moved around as needed among the hostas and between the shade trees.  It makes me happy just to have some of that blue in my life.  It's unexpected in the garden, and looks surprisingly sophisticated.  If you don't like it, it only takes a few minutes to repaint, but live with it for a day or two.  After that, you won't be able to imagine going back to gray. 


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