Blue, Blue, I Love My Blue

Posted on August 27, 2013 by Louise Tosun | 0 Comments

How gorgeous is this combination?  What a classic design of blue and white amid the garden lilies. It's not hard to live like a millionaire - better even, because how many millionaires appreciate classic beauty that will endure, yet doesn't cost a queen's ransom.  

This was an old outdoor bistro set I bought years ago at Costco.  I don't think it cost more than $30 at the time.  It was gray. Gray, gray, gray.  I got out the French marine blue paint I had mixed at the local Benjamin Moore dealer, and rolled it on.  To that, I added our Lisa tablecloth in blue and white.  On top of that, I added this lovely cobalt blue dinnerware.  Now, this is made by Libby in the USA, and I got it at WalMart.  The most expensive piece was probably $2.50.  The dishes were a dollar.  I strolled to the garden where the ironically named obedient plant is now blooming in pale lavender - how the bumble bees love to go in and out of each little blossom!  They are so cute, buzzing in and out with absolute focus, making sure they gather the pollen on their fuzzy backs.  

A few snips later, including a few of plumbago, and we had a pretty floral arrangement.  Put it all together, got out the iPhone, and had great fun with my photo shoot, capturing the quickly changing early dusk light and how it made the glass glow.

The entire cost of this table setting - including the table and chairs - is probably under $110.  The glassware was $12, the tablecloth was $60,  the table and chairs about $30.  The flowers were free, the vase is an old one, and I used a fraction of my gallon of paint.  However, the feeling of luxury having dinner with my spouse al fresco, in the fading light, feeling as though we were in Provence together, could not be measured in mere dollars.  And unless we break the glassware, this lovely setting, including the tablecloth, should endure year after year.  Amortize it - don't you think $12 a year is a bargain to dine in beauty like this? 

And that, my friends, is why we founded La Maison de Parlez-Vous Provence!





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