The Versatility of Fabric

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We are selling yardage of some of our lovely prints. This organic cotton voile was block printed in India from organic cotton, is light as a feather and is color fast - we've tested it in our own home, and unlike many Indian cottons, the colors do not run.

This fabric is 43-44 inches wide and is just lovely quality. It's so soft, it almost feels like silk. Since our dear daughter is moving to France for a year, I have made pillow cases and a pieced sheet from one pattern, as the cotton is so smooth and soft.  We've made the sheet extra long and added closures to the pillow cases.  As she has to furnish her French apartment from the USA and IKEA France, with very modest funds, she's bought a bed, a simple futon, and a table and chairs.  The sheet can serve as just that - or, as a throw for the futon, with the pillows/cushions.  Folded, it can be a pretty tablecloth.   If she gets tired of that, she can make a beautiful, easy swag - but we have to give credit to the Swedish for this, not the French:

Hem the short ends, put up two nails or hooks (or whatever your landlady will permit), gather a rosette with an elastic, hook it up on the nail and do the other end. When the elastic breaks, it's time to wash the fabric, or so say the Swedes. This system has worked really well in my house, and you don't even need to hem the short ends if you don't want to.  Trim with pinking shears and leave it!


So let's see - one piece of fabric - sheet, couch cover, swag, bed cover, tablecloth.  That's a lot of uses, and however it's used, that pop of color will be cheerful and pretty. What's not to love?

Don't be afraid to find your own great fabric (it needn't be ours), and have fun with it.  Your house doesn't have to look like a designer did it! A little whimsy can be the ultimate style.   If you have a piece of fabric you adore, drape it over the sofa for some color.  Wrap some of your old cushions in it and secure in the back with safety pins, if a sewing machine isn't available to you.  Make a no sew swag in an unexpected place like your powder room or laundry room.  Fold it and place it on a side table for seasonal color.  Use it as a tablecloth, adding a coordinating color underneath  if it's not quite large enough.  Fold it and place it at the end of your bed.  Don't fuss that it's not "really" a tablecloth, or cover, or cushion - it's what you make it to be! 

Whatever you do, have fun with this gorgeous material or any other that you love.  That's what we do at Parlez-Vous Provence!

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