Love in Happy Peas (Limours en Hurepois) - A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Posted on October 20, 2013 by Louise Tosun | 0 Comments

It is so beautiful here in the tiny town of Limours, France.  We've decided to take a little license and Anglicize the French to "Love in Happy Peas."  It seems entirely appropriate in this joyful, yet serene, place. 

We've been a bit too busy to write as we travel in France, but to tide you over until we can, here are some snippets of our days:

Chien Friend 

Beautiful Belts At The Marché

Café on Boul' St. Mich', Paris

Courtyard, 21 Place du General de Gaulle

À bientôt!




Louise et Adriana



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