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Here it is, almost Easter, and Passover has come and gone. Best wishes to all our friends, whatever holidays they celebrate – the more the merrier. We need more faith, love and joy in the world, whatever the source.

We’ve been trying to decide lately what direction to take our company. Our goal is to provide high quality and unique home decor and accessories, at fair prices. We want everyone to have beautiful things. Beauty is not an element for the elite; it’s for everyone.

 Sometimes, it seems as though these simple aspirations are out of touch with consumers. While we sell our tablecloths at prices equal to or lower than many other companies, and have pledged 5% of our profits to Women for Women International, consumers don’t seem to recognize that high quality costs money – but is less wasteful in the long run. Others have referred to our wares as “fake,” because they’re not made by Souleiado, even though our manufacturers have been around since the 1930s, and the tablecloths are sewn in the South of France.  Sometimes it’s downright discouraging, when we have a big table full of delicious things at a corporate vendor day, and no one stops by to look or even chat. 

 But then, out of the blue, you get a week like this one. Ma Vie Française® accepted my ideas for a series of articles. Someone called out of thin air just to tell us how unique and beautiful our web site was; another bought a copy of Henri à Paris. A third person called to let us know she loved our scarves, and could we send one to a friend for her birthday? We could indeed, including a pretty card, iris colored tissue paper and a lavender ribbon. A fourth person, having just received her April Newsletter, promptly read it and called looking for our new nail polish, the infinity scarf the Easter Bunny modeled for us (take a look at the Newsletter), and an Eiffel Tower tea towel – she was a repeat customer, so we were doubly happy. A new friend in Sweden ordered a yellow and lavender treated tablecloth. 

In all modesty, here are a few comments:

 I can’t thank you enough for all of your help! It means so much to me….Now I am going to go shopping for myself…and explore all your beautiful treasures.    The kimono…❤ With Gratitude, L. 

What a beautiful book (7 Secrets of French Design). You write wonderfully….The reader goes on a “French Journey”….I told [my sister-in-law] all about you and your website. She’s an instant fan…J. 

Thank you for the cologne. I did try it and it’s lovely, light and breezy. Reminded me of a summer’s day in the French countryside….

So sometimes, just when you’re beating yourself up, the seeds you’ve sewn, of inspiration and hard work, may germinate and start growing. It’s a really good lesson, as we coddle our little business, and as I begin practicing law again and studying for yet another Bar Exam. Patience, patience and more patience. Faith, faith and more faith. As wise professor Penny Gill told my graduating class at Mount Holyoke College, don’t scare your seeds, or they won’t come up. Don’t yell at them, or neglect them; love them and watch with patience and faith.


À la prochaine, 




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Love Lavender

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Close your eyes and picture the light purple flowers and cool grey leaves. Breathe in the soothing scent. Do you feel relaxed? Lavender is commonly known for its calming capabilities, but did you know it’s also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal? Having a bouquet of lavender handy can help dispel unwanted pests, purify the air you breathe and keep your laundry fresh. Here are four reasons you should love having lavender in your home:

Photos: Shelterness   

Photos: Shelterness

1) Laundry – To add the scent of lavender to your laundry, all you need are a few paper tea bags and a handful of lavender. Fill the paper tea bags with lavender and close them tightly. Place the bags in the dryer with your laundry, and it will smell lovely when it’s dry.

2) Furniture Polish – If you have small children or curious pets in your home, opt for this DIY eco-friendly furniture polish instead of an over-the-counter alternative. Mix two tablespoons lemon juice with a half-teaspoon of olive oil and one drop of lavender essential oil. Mix well, and then use a soft cloth to rub the concoction into your wooden furniture.

3) Deter Moths – Moths are repelled by the natural aroma in lavender. So, if you’re having a moth problem, cut some fresh lavender and place it around your home. Lavender essential oil works, too!

4) Linen Spray – If you’re having trouble sleeping, sprinkle the scent of lavender on your bed. All you need is a little vodka, some lavender essential oil and water. Mix two teaspoons of vodka with about 40 drops of essential oil and four ounces of water in a spray bottle. Shake well, and spray lightly over your linens for a soothing night’s sleep.


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Welcome, or, Provence to the People!

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