Cotton Tidy or "Vide-Poche" Basket

Even the experts at don't agree on how to translate "Vide-Poche," but they do agree they are useful!  What does one call a  small square of fabric enclosing a firm support, with ribbons that tie at the corner to make a stand-up basket, square bowl or tray?  Valet tray, loose change tray, fabric basket - all these and more would be correct.  All we know is you can use them anywhere - on the table, the dresser, as you come into your home to drop loose change, keys and jewelry, in the bedroom to organize your beauty creams, ditto for the baby's room - just use your imagination.  


Done up in the "Tradition"  and Blue Lemons patterns to match our tablecloths, they are as pretty as they are useful and because they fold flat, they're great for travel, too.   They measure 12 inches square when the corners are tied up.

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