Rondinaud French Slippers




Rondinaud is the European slippers specialist, renown for their "Charentais" slipper.  The slipper was first invented during Louis XIV's reign in Angoulême in the Charente region of France.  At Rondinaud, much of the slipper is still sewn by hand, following the ancient artisanal traditions.  There seems to be a little magic thrown in, as well; wearing a pair of these slipper is like walking on clouds.  Honestly. 


We have our slipper orders  fulfilled by our friends at Floviva, in Limours, France.  We have some in stock, but if you are looking for a size we don't have, just let us know, and we'll do our best to put you in the most comfortable slipper in the world.  Click on the images below to meet your new best friends. 





 Agnes, a Chanel inspired ballerina        



                   Gisele, 70s inspired peace and love motif




Luxe/Montpellier, a luxury model with sophisticated  silks and embroidery




Rondinaud Slipper Agnes
Rondinaud Slipper Agnes $75.00
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Rondinaud Slipper Gisele
Rondinaud Slipper Gisele $75.00 - Sold Out
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Rondinaud Slipper Luxe/Montpellier
Rondinaud Slipper Luxe/Montpellier $75.00
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