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Everyone Is Entitled To Live In Beauty

Welcome to Parlez-Vous Provence. Our mission statement is "Speak French in every color." We believe that beauty and color should be accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstances or budget. From a dorm room to a first apartment, starter house to estate, a little imagination and inspiration can turn any domaine into a happy, elegant space.

First, I had a love affair with my doll house. From fine art for the walls to miniature perfume atomizers, it was a little (literally) oasis to decorate and make beautiful for my doll house family. Then, I started a love affair with France, which has lasted for a very long time...too long to admit! It all started with high school French, then a French major in college and finally a year at the Sorbonne. Along the way the Provence sun in Saint-Raphäel entered my soul and never left. At some point in time my love for decorating married my love for the art of France and the color of Provence. I've shared this love with my husband Rik and our daughter, who reciprocated by embarking with me on this adventure to bring beauty and color to everyone. As my daughter put it, our mission is to take the elitism out of Beauty; or, "Provence to the People!"

We strive to bring you beautiful images, textiles, vintage items and art from and inspired by France. At our shop, French dolls have picnics in the back yard, fine cotton voile cloaks a woman in beauty and the simplest note card imparts the essence of a Paris spring. A little bit of color and whimsy, elegance and fun mingle together to make your space - home, office, dorm room - unique and a happy place to be. This talent seems to come naturally to the French, and we aim to cultivate it - and to help you cultivate it too. We hope you like what you see. Many of our items can only be found here at Parlez-Vous Provence. Many others are hard to find in the USA, as we work with the manufacturers and distributors directly.
We're just starting out, but keep coming back for fun and easy ways to bring a bit of Paris and the Provence sun into your home. We're having a great time with our family's business. So should you!


Louise et Famille


CEO Louise                       All Grown Up! 




 President Rik

Creative Consultant Adriana