Rondinaud Slipper Agnes

Rondinaud is the European slippers specialist. The story of the Rondinaud family is inextricably entwined with that of the Charentaise slipper. The slipper was first invented during Louis XIV's reign in Angoulême in the Charente region of France.  

Agnes is a refined slipper, reminiscent of a French ballet slip on, with a firm rubber sole and black and pink tweed upper.  They are lined in oh-so-soft new wool fleece. The sole is made of five layers of wool, and each slipper is carefully molded into its signature shape.  There's nothing like them.  Featured on Season 20 of "How It's Made."

What do our customers say?  "Just wanted to let you know that I love my Rondinaud slipper. Very comfortable, like a warm hug for your feet. I'd say that they run pretty true to size so if you want to wear them with a heavier sock, you might want to go up a size."



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