Vintage French Copper Pan

This is a large, very heavy vintage copper pan we found in a little town outside of Paris.  It is marked "Serie Spéciale Villedieu." Villedieu is a small town in Normandy whose residents have traditionally been involved in making copper pans since the 14th century.  In fact, its inhabitants are called Sourdins (from the French word sourd meaning deaf), as the repeated hammering of copper quite often resulted in hearing loss.  

This pan measures about 20" (including the handle) x  10" x 2.5".  The tin lining is in good shape. There are no dents or dings.  We have shown a picture of the bottom to show that while the bottom is rolled, it is not dove tailed, meaning the pan was most probably made post 1900.  The handle is not copper, but appears to be iron.  

All in all, a really gorgeous vintage item that should take pride of place in a French Country kitchen.



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